As a union, we will work to establish ourselves as one of the main organizations to provide quality facilities to seafarers who are into the world’s trading marine armada. We shall guarantee that our seafarers are focused on safe shipping activities and the security of the marine conditions. We shall ensure that proper training and adjustment of our seafarers to the core values of the shipping industry. Fortify our association with the seafarers by improving the presentation of our representatives with them. Focus on quality and responsive administration along these lines giving reasonable come back to all our partners and associates.

Sailors Union of India imagines itself as one of the key unions that value seafarers from different communities and states, working deliberately in key urban areas in India, in accordance with the world’s significant shipping proprietors and shipping chiefs. We aim to become an association that has been resolved to give reliable, restrained, worldwide, and capable sea staff to the vessels of its principals via the training resources and institutions without any disparity or arbitrated tactics, where there is fair education, learning and no fraudulent activity in the issuance of certificates to the would be seafarers. We, at Sailors Union of India, will release our obligations and duties as per the most noteworthy models of value set by our principals, associations and directing government offices. We focus ceaselessly on improving the quality administration of the union that will support our partners and the seafarers in all.

We aim to improve the nature of seafarers being procured for different principals. We are consistently improving the nature of tasks to fulfill the guidelines and the necessities of the seafarers and the prerequisites of all the directing bodies. We reliably guarantee that all quality framework prerequisites will besatisfied.


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Our vision is to be the primary choice of being the point of contact for every seafarer, shipping organization and the remainder of the marine transportation world for any kind of disparity, dismay and grievances. The vision fills in as the standard against which we gauge our activities and decisions. We continually endeavor to redesign our administrations for the welfare of the seafarers. We will strive to dispatch new services to meet the seafarers’ needs and requests. Follow up on seafarers’ demands and complaints with criticality. Grasp the change and not to be reluctant to wander into new territories of attention, on the off chance that it benefits the seafarer’s community.

We endeavor to meet and surpass seafarers’ fulfillment. Continuously keep up an individual touch while managing the directives of the union holistically. Lead statistical surveying to comprehend current patterns so as to meet seafarers’wants. We envisionseeing energizing chances and potential outcomes for the future through our administrations and services. We will never yield to lack of concern.Our vision is to set the union’s name “Sailors Union of India” in the shipping industry as a name of trust and fulfillment.


Founder - President

Abbreviated as SUI, the Sailors’ Union of India is a highly prestigious seafarers’ union of merchant shipping which was registered under the All India Jurisdiction on 13th November 2014. Furthermore, the union was subsequently registered under the Trade Union’s Act of 1926. The Sailor’s Union of India also acquired its affiliation with Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, which is supposedly the largest and the oldest nationalist labor union recognized by the Ministry of labor under the Government of India.

As history narrates, Indian seafarers were exposed to torment, exploitation and were drastically downtrodden by many Indian shipping unions and foreign shipping companies. Jobless Young people used to remain in the queue for employment. Criminals and musclemen alongside transportation operators were favored generally by the foreign shipping unions. Young Indian seafarers were forgotten for an occupation. These torments, stirred annoyance and disdain among them. There was consistent want among seafarers to pronounce their disagreement unitedly. This craving and desire integrated them together to structure the Sailor’s Union of India. Long before, the seafarers’ had already understood that without a workers guild, it would not be conceivable to battle or counter the devastating repercussions of both Indian and foreign shipping companies. Hence, this paved the way for the inception of the development of Sailors’ Union of India (SUI) in 2014.

From 2014 onwards, the journey has been remarkable for Sailor’s Union of India. Today, Sailor’s Union of India is one of the greatest associations of seafarers, focusing and working primarily on their grievances and betterment. Regardless whether on duty or retired, Sailors’ Union of India works aggressively towards the protection of the rights and privileges of all the seafarers strictly in accordance with the Merchant Shipping Act of 1958, MLC 2016 (Amended) and the other International laws that are applicable. Sailors’ Union of India proudly believes that the Indian seafarers are the most able and efficient seafarers in the global shipping market, who have been instrumental in bringing crores of foreign currency in the Indian economy every year and as such, Sailors’ Union of India has always been in the forefront to champion the cause of the seafarers.

Sailors’ Union of India is an organization of India has stepped further to become accessible to each and every seafarer. Its association with port and dock associations is unparalleled and unshakable. Apart from this, Sailors’ Union of India has strong relations with different Indian and International trade unions. It is our endeavor, to ensure the fair practice of law and be reachable to every seafarer in despair and need for help.

With honor and immense pleasure, Sailors’ Union of India decided to commemorate its achievements by publishing out a souvenir in the name of “Ocean Eyes” in order to make our existence conciliated, among the Indian and International shipping industry. 2019 specially, has been a propitiously remarkable for the union, we, organized 1st National Conference on June 16 of “Nationalism” and work with a synergistic approach for the amelioration of the entire seafarer community.